11 Ways To Destress After Work Or School

Hello and happy whatever-day-you’re-reading-this! Hope you’re having a good week and an even better month and year. Today I want to pass on my best advice for dealing with the post-work/school blues. By this I mean that tension and uneasiness we seem to bring home with us whenever we have a problem during the day. Struggling with anxious thoughts myself, I want you to become cured of your problems, and practice a little bit of mental self love in such situations. I hope these tips help you and you start to find peace in your worse days.

1. Unleashing your creativity through art.

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Oh art, my long lost love. I’m not very good at art, but I sure do love it. Doing art and artsy thing makes me feel very relaxed, knowing I’m in full control of something, and I feel very content once I’m finished. My favorite artistic activities include painting, doodling, and simply coloring. I find my mind wanders and all of my worries melt away.

2. Writing your thoughts in a journal.


Sometimes, after a rough day of school or work, the most therapeutic thing for me is to spill all of my thoughts and emotions onto the paper. Much like art, this is a way for me to be in control and to vent out all of my problems. Often times, once they are penned, my problems seem to fade away or I come up with an incredible solution and I no longer have to worry.

3. Sitting in a bubble bath.

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A bubble bath can alleviate stress instantaneously. Treat-yo-self and buy your favorite bath bomb or shower gel, and spend the rest of the night getting wrinkly toes and finger tips. Use your bubble bath time as a way to cleanse yourself from all of reality’s downfalls.

4. Listening to a new podcast.

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Hello! It’s me – the #1 fan of podcasts! This past year I’ve discovered so many new podcasts that I’m completely obsessed with, as they take my mind away from anything that is making me anxious or unhappy. If you’re a true paranormal lover like myself, check out this Odyssey listicle I complied. Or feel free to spend hours googling other topics you enjoy, because I guarantee there will be a podcast on it. Also, nothing quite beats a Sunday morning with a good cup of joe and an entertaining podcast.

5. Sipping tea or coffee.

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Notice, s i p p i n g t e a – not spilling it, lol. But seriously, do not waste away your precious me-time getting invested in drama, instead make your favorite cup of tea or a flavored latte. Add a few teaspoons of alternative milk and sugar, because you deserve it, and you will not regret it.

6. Creating a playlist.

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Compiling a list of my favorite songs and then jamming the night away to them is such a stress reliever. I’m a potpourri lady so I appreciate all different types of music, and really can’t be tamed into favoring one musical genre. Nevertheless, give yourself time to explore new artists and old favorites, or find a new favorite song, because sometimes that one song can be all you need to change your outlook on life. Check out my May playlist here!

7. Reading your favorite book.

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Books – my other long lost love! Like most of you, I gave up my passion for reading when my educational career used it as a stress inducing element. However, recently I’ve come to learn again that reading is not all that bad, and in fact, it can reduce my stress instead of contributing to it. Yet, it’s important to find something you enjoy reading, so that you can get lost in its words and distance yourself form reality. Trust me, there are away better books than your BIO 2010 textbook.

8.  Gardening.

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I’ve recently taken up gardening and I love it so incredibly much. My plants are like my little babies and even on the rainiest days, they thrive, and give me hope in something I didn’t have before. Gardening allows you to create life, and to succeed at something that many are not good at. It connects you to mother earth and allows you to be vulnerable in your practice. I’m currently growing sunflowers, and I know as soon as they bloom I’m going to cry tears of joy.

9. Retail therapy.

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Listen, don’t support industries who are capitalist monsters, but also you gotta enjoy some things. The internet is great for the fact that you can buy literally anything and get it shipped in two days. Sometimes just buying some Korean skincare or some new coasters, will make me instantly happy, and will give me something to look forward to.

10. Petting an animal.

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This one is pretty obvious, but if you don’t have an animal at home, go to an animal shelter and pet away. Or if you live close to a petting zoo – bonus points. Also, if you have allergies, get a stuffed animal, I promise they’ll love you too!

11. Baking a special treat.


Baking, much like gardening, allows to you to create something from scratch that you never thought was possible! There are so many recipes out there for you to try, and if you make an abundance of yummy goodies, give them out to your friends and family and they will love you forever! Some of my favorite recipes to bake when I’m feeling stressed are pumpkin scones and red velvet cookies. Also, the best part about baking is enjoying the food yourself!

Hope some of these things help you to keep your mental health in check, even on your worst days. Have a wonderful day superstars!

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